Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Market Haul: Part 39

 I have been back at uni for one week and already my weekends are filled with homework, however I did manage to find some time to myself this morning at the markets, getting up bright and early at 5:40am to head down there. It is such a ridiculous time to wake up but I do love avoiding the crowd!
I picked up the above sequin vest for $2, it has a few loose threads but I thought for that price it was worth it to have a shiny silver piece that I can thrown on over a white singlet and some cut off denim shorts.
 I bought this jumper dress for $7, which I negotiated down from $10, so yay for me saving $3 for another day. I really loved the pattern and the warm colours, and I think this will be a cool winter piece to pair with some stockings and a pair of boots.
 This leather crop top was $3 and I just thought it would be a nice addition to my closet that is a bit fancier than the cotton crop tops I usually wear.
Finally I bought this lovely orange-red dress for $3. I've been finding myself wearing lots of dresses lately hanging around the house so I thought this one would be a nice one to wear out casually, dressing it up a bit with some strappy sandals and a bunch of jewellery.


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